Saturday, December 1, 2012


She really is into everything right now, and as long as she can't seriously hurt herself, I say go for it!

Getting into the cabinets, literally!

She loves pulling out onions and garlic out of the onion box

She was watching the chickens eat, and then lost interest.

The pans...they are lots of fun

The chickens really fascinate her these days

I found her stuck under the couch today

Future pianist?

Our first 5k as a family!


  1. Do I need to kid-proof the house? lol There is nothing she can hurt, but I don't want anything to hurt her! I love the picture under the couch. My smile got progressively bigger as I looked at each one. Thanks for sharing! Love ya bunches!!!

  2. I love that the first thing you did when you found her under the couch was not get her out, but grab the camera.

  3. you're such an awesome mom!!!! love you.

  4. Baby girl and her chickens = PRICELESS! Made my day!