Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Too Many Green Tomatoes!

After the first frost I went and picked all of our leftover tomatoes.  I got a lot of green tomatoes.  I decided to challenge myself to making an entire meal using green tomatoes.  I found several recipes online. 

And  I still had all of these tomatoes left over!

I think my favorite recipe was for the Green Tomato Biscuits.  But everything turned out ok.  Our neighbors were the Guinea pigs for the meal and I don't think they got sick from eating so many green tomatoes.

So if you want any green tomatoes please come and get 'em and if you know anymore good green tomato recipes they are welcome in our kitchen!


  1. Loved this idea, Michelle! Everything looked so yummy!

  2. Trudy told us about your "green tomato" recipes was on your blog so grandpa and I just looked at them, they look real good!! We have lots of green tomatoes that grandpa picked today and we are looking for recipes too. Yes, we love fried green daddy used to fix them...put a little sugar with some flour..slice green tomatoes...salt and pepper and fry them in olive oil...yummmmmy! Miss you all so much...we looked at all your pictures...Elise is such a doll...growing up so quickly! coming for Thanksgiving and Christmas..hope to see you all..Andre & Christy, Raphael and Laura are all coming for a couple of weeks starting Dec. 22nd. Hope we can get together and prayers, grandpa and grandma

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah, I was skeptical, but it was actually ok. Probably not good enough that I will ever make it agian. It had some ham in it that gave it a good flavor and I thought it tasted better the next day.