Monday, July 9, 2012

On the boardwalk

Miriam, Adam, Dane, Elise and I visited my parents in North Carolina last week. Our days were full of cheese-making, food-cooking, goat-milking, bean-picking, river-swimming, board-walking, game-playing, movie-watching, etc.  I commented that if sleeping in is what you want to do for vacation, then the house of my parents is not the place to come!  There, we get up early and go to bed late, except for Dad, who goes to bed early too.

Elise's first time in salty water...her fingers tasted good!

Dad went home early
 We got to visit with James and Stephanie and three of their kids on Saturday.  A covert operation in the form of Miriam receiving a Siamese kitten from James's family was exposed, but within an hour Adam was won over by the kitten's blue eyes.  James's youngest, Emily Grace, is hoping for a baby sister, especially after spending time with Elise!

Time with James and Stephanie's family.  Notice the kitten!

We visited with Grandpa and Grandma Haas on Sunday
 We left on Thursday July 5th (Mom and Dad's anniversary) after spending the 4th with them.  We enjoyed some fireworks from a bluff along the river.  Besides the mosquitoes, it was great.  The highlight may have been Dad's homemade orange sherbet.  Yummy!

Happy 4th!
 We are happy to be home after a good visit.  We came home to a land with no rain for 3 weeks!  We're so thankful for the rain the past two nights.


  1. So much fun. Love the pictures. I didn't realize how sweet Elise looked in the boardwalk picture until just now. :) -Miriam

  2. So glad all of you could come! Felt like we didn't have time to do all the things we would like to have done. We loved every minute!!! Miriam, Elise always looks sweet:)-Mom