Saturday, May 14, 2011

Strawberry Bliss

It is the season of strawberries. I love it. They are a reminder that spring has fully arrived. And such a sweet and delicious reminder they are.

Dane and I have gone strawberry picking a couple of times over the past couple of weeks at Circle S Farms in Lebanon, TN. The picking has been abundant and the strawberries beautiful.

The strawberries were either frozen, made in to jam or just enjoyed plain.

I discovered a wonderful new pectin for jam making. Pomona's Universal Pectin. You can make jam without sugar if you want! I opted for the low sugar version and it tastes so fresh without tons of sugar.

The process...

Clean 'em

Cook 'em

Can 'em


  1. I haven't tasted mine yet- but I'm pumped! How much does it cost to pick the berries? I'm off Monday and Tuesday. Maybe we could meet and do some hiking in Lebanon--and visit the berry patch.

  2. Oh yeah, you're out of town. Forget I said anything. :(

  3. Hey, Michelle! Thanks for the jam! It was delicious, but the shirt was too small. haha
    Love ya bunches!

  4. I believe we enjoyed the fruits of your labor last movie night. Mom brought some to snack on and they were delish! Chris especially loved them!

    Miss you guys!

  5. For heaven's sake Mich, call your mother. She so wanted to tell you that joke in person. ("shirt's too small") Instead she had to put that lame joke on here. haha. Seriously though.