Thursday, March 3, 2011

Batesville, Arkansas

A trip to Batesville. Full of memories and familiar faces for Dane. Dane entered the first grade in Batesville and stayed until he graduated. He hasn't been back much, since the family moved to Nashville soon after his graduation. But many friends from the past are still there and love to see a Forlines come to visit.

Michelle was initiated into the culture of Batesville through the excitement of a "Wild Game Supper". But she fit right in thanks to her Dad and the many weird meats he shot or picked up from the side of the road to bring home for supper during her childhood.

Decoration for the "Wild Game Supper"

We attempted for the second time during our jubilee year to relive nostalgic mountain biking memories from Dane's past. This time we actually took bikes and explored the realms of grassy creek in search of the mysterious Indian Wells. Despite forging rivers, braving mud holes, wrestling through briers, climbing cliffs, and scouring satellite images on the computer, Indian Wells has yet to be found in this decade of Dane's life.

He carried both of our bikes across...what a gentleman!

We journeyed back to Nashville with a potentially brief stop off at Natchez Trace State Park. The brief stop turned into a not-so-brief stop when a 3.5 mile hike suddenly became a 7 mile hike. Something was terribly wrong with the trail map, but we made it out uninjured, with plenty of exercise for the day and only one tick to pull off.

Crossing one of the many wet areas of our hiking trail

We accidentally found a geocache box while hiking. It was a fun surprise

The sunset from the Forlines' house when we arrived back to Nashville


  1. We have eaten a variety of meats through the years, but Dad did not bring stuff home from the side of the road. Did you eat anything new? Glad you guys had fun! Love you! Mom

  2. Hmm... I seem to remember a turtle that Dad got off the side of the road. Granted, it wasn't dead yet, but Dad didn't have a problem solving that dilemma. Can you say "turtle egg tuna!"

  3. Yeah, and what about getting calls from the game warden in Monticello and getting first choice at moose or deer road kill? It's ok Mom, we like road kill!